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I have a car in my shop to replace the trans with one from JEGS the customer ships the transmission right to my shop from Jegs I go thru the process of installing this supposedly REBUILT Transmission in the car after totally installing the Transmission I go to install the driveshaft and when I put the driveshaft in and try to turn it to put the u-bolts on the rear it won't move so after putting the shifter in neutral the transmission is still locked I call Performance Transmission in Maryland Who builds these transmissions for Jegs and spoke with Bill who asked me if I would mind dropping the pan to see if the linkage came off No Problem as I was lowering the Pan I loosened the drain plug to make sure there wasn;t any fluid in the transmission and thats when I got the surprize of my life WATER statred coming out So I closed the drain Plug and called Bill Back at Performance Transmission This ids when the story gets good He asks me to read the Build sheet information to him and whenI gave Him the info He was taken Back by the fact that He shipped This Particular Transmission to JEGS on 10/20/2014 and didn'tunderstand why it was just sold in January of 2016 THATS RIGHT THE TRANSMISSION THAT MY CUSTOMER THOUGHT WAS A FRESHLY REBUILT TRANSMISSION FROM JEGS TURNS OUT TO BE ONE THATS BEEN SITTING IN THEIR WAREHOUSE FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS AND IT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS IN A FLOOD ALSO BECAUSE BILL FROM PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSION ASSURES ME IT DIDN'T LEAVE HIS SHOP 2 YEARS EARLIER IN THAT CONDITION AFTER GOING ROUND AND ROUND WITH JEGS THEY ASKED ME TO SUBMIT A LABOR BILL AND WHEN I DID THEY CUT IT IN HALF AND BASICALLY TOLD ME TO SCREW OFF SO I WANT ANY SHOPS WHO INSTALL ANY OF JEGS PARTS BEWARE THAT WHEN THE PARTS ARE WRONG OR COME TO YOU DEFECTIVE AND THE PARTS ARE DEFECTIVE BECAUSE OF JEGS CARELESSNESS YOU WILL GET SCREWED ALSO BECAUSE THEY CLAIM TO BE THIS COMPANY OF HONOR AND INTEGRITY WITH FAMILY VALUES BUT THE TRUTH IS JEGS IS JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE COMPANIES OUT THERE WHO TAKE YOUR MONEY THEN HAVE NO HONOR OR INTEGRITY IF THERE'S A PROBLEM ANYONE WHO READS BEWARE AND DON'T BUY FROM JEGS OR YOU WILL REGRET IT AND JUST SO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS ISN'T ABOUT THE MONEY BECAUSE I'M GOING TO MAKE THE CUSTOMER PAY ME MY MONEY AND LET HIM GET RIPPED OFF BY JEGS THATS HIS PROBLEM I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF FAMILY JEGS IS AND HOW THEY MISSLEAD THEIR CUSTOMERS AND HAVE NO INTEGRITY AT ALL SO BEWARE OF WHAT YOU BUY BECAUSE THAT TRANSMISSION YOU PURCHASE THAT YOU THINK IS FRESHLY REBUILT MOST LIKELY HAS BEEN SITTING IN THEIR WAREHOUSE FOR A VERY LONG TIME

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of turbo 350 transmission. Jegs High Performance needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned turbo 350 transmission in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Jegs High Performance.

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Thank you for your review, saved me a head ache here. You got a number or web site for Bill's shop, Performance Transmission?

Google can't fint him... Thx, Chris

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